PowerSwitch 48V 100A

velmi nízká spotřeba v sepnutém stavu (solid state relé)

pro bezpečné odpojování DC obvodů

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PowerSwitch bidirectional solid state relay with very low power consumption

Product description

PowerSwitch is a bidirectional solid state relay with very low power consumption when turned on. This will ensure that it can operate for a very long time, even if the battery is almost empty. A second benefit is that it can switch bidirectional currents. This means that it can be used with devices which both can charge and discharge, like a combined charger/inverter.

Product funcionality

This relay is built and tested so that it can connect or disconnect a constant load at 48V and 100A. It is so robust that it can handle a current of 200A at 48V for a short time.
Thanks to the robust cooler around, the entire perimeter of the product, cooling is ensured so that at a constant full load, the hottest place is heated to a maximum of 40°C. There is also an integrated thermal protection inside the relay, which prevents the relay from overheating and possible malfunctions.
Holes located at the cooler are prepared for easy installation and attachment to the surface.
Thanks to the M8 threaded pins, the cabling to the relay is easy to attach.
There is a small diode indicator in the corner, which signals open and close level status of the relay. When the relay is closed (thus voltage is applied via the control cables), the LED flashes, giving information about the closed level status.
The big advantage of this relay is the wide range of control voltage, which is from 5V to 70VDV.
Connecting the Charge or Load relay to the END board of 123 Smart is very simple.
The principle of operation is the same as with the Smart dual relay, it is necessary to apply control voltage at M8 pins, and depending on how the relay is connected, the relay closes or opens the circuit.

Parallel operation

Up to three PowerSwitch units can be connected in parallel to increase the current switching. Give all power cables to each PowerSwitch about the same length to distribute the total current evenly over the units and add a fuse (max 125A) for every PowerSwitch.

Technical parameters

  • Maximum switching voltage: 62V DC
  • Maximum continuous current: 100A
  • Peak current <1 minute: 200A
  • Current consumption when ON: 0.8mA

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