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Balancer pro 1-4 lifepo články

balanční proud 1,2A

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Balancing board for 1~4 cells LFP (1.2 Amp)

Product description

Simple balancing board for 1S to 4S LFP cells. Connection by means of wires. Indication of the balancing by LED diodes.
This balancing board can be used to balance LFP cells during the final part of the charging process.

Advantages of the solution

  • An easy connection to LFP cells by a JST XH 2.50 5pin connector (socket).
  • The board works with 1S up to 4S cells.
  • Increased balancing possible by multiple parallel connections.
  • You can disconnect the board from the pack when balance is not in use.


  • Support for LiFePO4: 1S to 4S cells
  • Balancing voltage: 3.60V (+/-25mV)
  • Balancing current: 1 Amp to 1.2 Amp
  • Self-consumption: < 0.05 mAmp
  • Connector: JST XH 2.50 5pin (socket)

The balancing resistor is 3.0 Ohm. For 3.6V the balancing current is 1.2 Amp.

Information: For transport, there is a plastic holder below the resistors.
Remove the plastic holder after installation and before the operation of the board.
After removing the plastic holder, the resistors are above the board to release the head into the surrounding area.
Protect the resistors against mechanical damage.
Note: During the operation the resistors are very hot. Be careful about and avoid touching the resistors.
Warning:: Avoid any contact of human skin or other easily melting materials when the resistors are heated.

If you do not plan to balance your pack, disconnect the 4S balancer from the cables permanently. We recommend complete disconnection of any components when you stop using your pack.
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