Nabíječka LiFePo 12V 20A

pro 4 články LiFePo

Weight (kg) 1.5
Height (mm) 49
Width (mm) 96
Depth (mm) 180
Nominal Voltage (V) 13.8
Max. voltage (V) 14.4
Charging current (A) 20
4 046,00 Kč

Product description

MW-NPB-360-48 is a 360W charger with lead-acid (Flooded, Gel, AGM) and li-ion (Lithium ion, lithium manganese) batteries. This product is a class I power unit (with FG), equipped with a standard IEC320-C14 AC inlet and two or three-stage charging control. It can satisfy the demand for various type of battery devices.

Product features

  • AC 90~364 V, built-in PFC
  • Compatible with lead-acid and li-ion batteries
  • Charging voltage adjustable range by VR (10.5~15.2V)
  • Charging current adjustable range by VR (50%~100% rated current)
  • 2-3 stage selectable by DIP S.W
  • No-load power consumption <0.15W
  • FAN ON-OFF control (depends on internal temperature)
  • Protection: Reverse Polarity / Short circuit / Over voltage / Over temperature
  • Wide operating temperature -30 °C - +70 °C
  • Comply with 62368-1 + 60335-1/-2-29 dual certification

Technical specification

  • Float charge voltage (Vfloat): 13.8V
  • Boost charge voltage (Vboost): 14.4V
  • Output current: 20A
  • Recommended battery capacity: 65 ~ 195Ah



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